Above And Beyond The Doll Of Cutey ('83 LP)

Side One

1. KILLER Comfort128, 44100
2. Love Is SNEAKIN' Up On You128, 44100
3. Make It Feel BETTER128, 44100
4. WISH I Was In Love Tonight44100kHz, 128kb/s, 3 Mb
5. You Don't MISS
44100kHz, 128kb/s, 3 Mb

Side Two

1. Never Be The SAME32kHz, 96kb/s, 2.9MB
2. (You Just Want To Be) WEIRD44100kHz, 128kb/s, 2.3 Mb
3. POPULAR Girl44100kHz, 128kb/s, 2.2 Mb
4. It Ain't EASY44100kHz, 128kb/s, 3.8 Mb
5. Let's Get CRAZY44100kHz, 128kb/s, 3.3 Mb

I'm glad I made that call! 

A Nashville pop production in which Pam shows off her early songwriting chops on such well-written numbers as Let's Get Crazy, Killer Comfort and Never Be the Same. Horns blend in with electric guitars, keyboards and backing vocals courtesy of Wendy Waldman, Harry Stinson and Donna Rhodes. Not in the same league as her later country recordings, but a valid starting point.  Alan Cackett (Country Music International, 1997)

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